This is a work in progress!  Will be adding more Frequently Asked Questions in as I have time.  If there is something you would like to see here, let me know!

Q: How much does my session cost and when do I pay?  

A:  Sessions prices vary depending on what type of session you choose.  Currently Family Stories and Heirloom Sessions are $350.00 plus sales tax.  New Arrival Stories are $375.00 plus sales tax.  A $75.00 retainer fee is due at time of booking and the remaing will be paid by the day of session.  Want to set up a payment plan? I can help you with that!

Q: How long does it take to recieve the edited photos after our session?

A: It can take at least 3weeks (depending on time of year) to receive your edited photos in an online gallery that you will be able to download.  During my busy season it CAN take longer.  If you need your photos by a certain date that doesn't fit this timeline, please let me know in advance to see if I can accomodate you!

Q:  How many photos will I recieve?

A: For any story, 50+ photos. These will be a mix of color and black and white.

Q:  What kind of photos do you capture?

A:  This year, my focus is on lifestyle and documentary photos only. This means that my photos are not traditional family photos.  This may not be your session to get your Holiday card family picture.   My focus is more on connections, moments and details.  I try to incorporate beautiful light when it's available. It's important to know what your priority is and make sure we're a good fit!  There are so many wonderful photographers out there so there is no reason to compromise.  I want you to hire me because you appreciate my creative vision of your family.

Q:  What should we wear?

A:  I get this question a lot for Familiy Stories.  Fashion is not my forte, but I have found a lot of great places that have good ideas and information.  I will say this, make sure you feel comfortable.  You don't want to be busy adjusting your clothing or not be able to roll around with your kiddos because of what you're wearing.  Also, I caution people from wearing necklaces or other accessories that can "move" out of place.  I am often focused on your children or other things and may miss that until afterwards.
People sometimes coordinate their outfits and it looks lovely, but I would suggest staying away from too matchy, matchy.  Also, bright neon colors can affect your skin tone.  Remember this is documentary and lifestyle, so everyday stuff is encouraged. If you love to dress up and that is what feels good, do it!   If I had my way, you'd all be in your pjs with bed head! :)