Saying Goodbye

They have been married for 40 years, 35 of them have been spent in this house.  Now they are ready to simplify their life a bit and are moving to a smaller place closer to their family.  They will be out of their home by the end of the month. 
Their daughter (my friend) wanted some pictures of her childhood home before they moved so, before their family session, I snapped some photos of her parent's house.  Besides the rooms themselves,  I tried to focus on details. . . the way the light hits her mother when she's working in the kitchen. . . old notes found in secret hiding places. . .  her father tending to the grill on their patio. . . photographs, mementos, a lifetime of memories.  
Here are just a few of those details.
Saying goodbye to one chapter in their life and hello to a new one.