My Minnesota {December 2014}

The wind chill today is supposed to be -35 F.  Minus!  Oy!  I stil love this crazy cold state, but holy moly!  I'm feeling a little under the weather, but the kids are staying home and we are gonna hang low and drink copious amounts of hot chocolate. 
With that in mind,  I give you few shots from December on an unseasonably warm and foggy day!  I told the kids I was going to take them on a photo shoot/adventure and they totally hammed it up for me for about 10 minutes before they were over it!  Now you know why I love lifestyle photography so much.  LOL 
I'd also really love it if you'd hop on over and see what the fabulous Lori Dozier is sharing this month!!!  She is awesome!!!  Click right HERE to see for yourself!