Rachel Farganis Photography

I've admired Rachel's work for quite awhile so you can only imagine how excited I was that she reached out to me and asked if I would shoot a behind the scenes look at one of her newborn sessions. While Rachel and I are both photographers, she specializes in those absolutely gorgeous posed newborn shots that I know nothing about.  It takes a lot of education, practice and patience to pull off those beautiful images safely.  This lady knows what she's doing.   A good majority of the time is spent soothing and posing the baby.  Once she has her pose down, this lady doesn't mess around.  She shoots quickly and efficiently so she can move on to the next pose.  It was really an amazing process to watch.  I encourage you to do your research when hiring a photographer any time, but especially for posed newborn shots.  Posing the baby safely and using composites is what makes her images stand out without putting the baby at risk.  If you are in the market, please check out her website right HERE.  You can also see her most current stuff (including this absolutely adorable little guy down below)  on facebook if you click  HERE.
Absolutely wonderful to meet and work with you, Rachel! <3

And because I wasn't about to leave without doing one portrait for myself... here's the talented photographer.  She obviously doubles as a supermodel. :)