The S Family

I loved this session and this couple.  So fun to spend time with them in their home learning about their lives.  I honestly had to remind myself to keep taking pictures because I was too busy listening. They beamed when they spoke of their families and I saw pictures of every last one of them.  I saw their collections and what they did for their hobbies.  I heard about some of their travels and about the business they used to run.  While I did take SOME pictures, it really felt more like an afternoon visit.    

So thankful to my friend Melissa who helped me set this up.  
I sought them out to do this session because I think it is important to capture families at all stages.  Not just when you get engaged or married.  Not just when the kids are little.  Not just during a holiday or celebration.  Just you on a regular day.  
I see so much beauty in that and I hope you do, too.