Family Story Information

 Family Story Information
 I am currently on Pause for doing Family Stories. 
A Family Story is not a traditional family session, so if you are looking for an updated Holiday Card Photo or a traditional family photo, I may no longer be your gal.  And that's okay.  There are so many talented photographers who DO focus on that and do it so well.   That doesn't mean we won't get wonderful family photos, it just may look a little different.  I want to let go of what we need to get and just document your  beautiful and real life from my perspective.  This is not about avoiding the specific photos you want. It is about emphasizing my strengths as a photographer and artist. 

What are Family Stories?  
Family Stories are lifestyle sessions.  We will try and let things unfold naturally and let your children* lead. If you want a picture of you and your kids.... go hug and love on them.  I want this session to be about real moments as much as possible, so I'm not going to check off a list of shots I need to get.  If you want something captured, you just need to jump in and do it.  We can set up an activity, go for a walk, take a bike ride, have a bonfire, play games, do the dishes, fold laundry, go grocery shopping, bake...  I will give some direction in regards to light or may ask you to do something again, but overall this is more of a documentary approach.  Everyday moments.  I picture bed heads, jammies and snuggles.  I picture backyard picnics.  I picture eating popsicles and running through the sprinkler. I picture a hike in the woods.  I picture dirty feet and faces. In the end, though, the picture is of your family and I want it to feel like YOU.
I know photo sessions can feel overwhelming and stressful, but try to also think of it as a time to spend with your family and really focus on them. We are always so busy and this can actually be a great time to unplug and connect with your family. If you feel awkward and are not sure what to do during a session, just start joking around and playing with your family. Leave the stress and the idea of perfection behind.  My photography will never be perfect and neither is your life.  Our moments, though, are beyond perfection.  
The beauty lies in the connection and details.  
The beauty can also lie in the chaos and mess, in grumpy faces, and in wild antics.  The beauty can lie in my imperfections, too. So, lets BOTH let go of that perfect pinterest shot and know your children may act a little crazy while I'm there (they always do and I am SO used to it!) and just have fun.  At the very least, we can smile and laugh about the crazy together.  
*While my description and a lot of the sessions I have done of this nature include families with children, every type of family is welcome.  Furbabies are your children, too.  Single parents, adopted children, children with disabilites, no children...this is about capturing YOUR FAMILY, YOUR STORY through my lens and perspective.

Investment and What is Included?
A Family Story session is currently set at $400.  A retainer fee of $100 will be collected in order to book your session.  The remaining balance will be due on the day of your session.  
(Payment plans are available if you let me know in advance.)
You will receive my time and talent at the session and editing. At least 50 photos will be included, a mix of color and black and white.  These digital files will be sent to you electronically and you will be free to print where you wish.  I have suggestions because where you print can make a huge difference in the outcome of your photos! 

Have more questions?  
Please email me at and put FAMILY STORY in the subject line so I'm sure not to miss it!  As I mentioned, my availability for these will be limited this year, but let me know if you are interested. If I have a last minute opening, I can put you on a list to contact.