Deb and Ken

This couple's lovely daughter-in-law contacted me back in November about photographing her in-law's every day life.  The catch?  They care for her young son everyday and their granddaughter also comes frequently.  Would that work?  YES!  The focus of my Heirloom Sessions is to try and capture an individual or couple in their home environment or other favorite spaces.  I definitely want to focus on them, but family, friends, neighbors are a-ok for some of it as long as it is about moments with the individual/couple.  No extended family shoots.  No formal photos. You want to love up on your grandkids?  You want to play Rummy with your neighbor? You want to have coffee with your cousin Eddie? Yes, yes, yes!  Let's do it.  Be prepared that a portion of it will be just you, but if you have other ideas... we can talk!
That brings us back to Deb and Ken and their amazing grandkids they care for.  What a gift for this family to have their children cared for by people who love them so deeply.  Deb had run a day care for many years before this so she is pretty much a child care expert and I think Ken takes orders well. ;)
Their connection and devotion to these two little people was pretty wonderful.  So, we just spent the morning hanging out while I watched them do their thing.  These kids played inside, they played outside, they went for a walk, they read, they snuggled, they tried to eat play-doh, they tried to climb on the table, they giggled, they said "mine" a lot, and sometimes cried when things didn't go their way.  And these two super-grandparents handled all of it with such grace.  They hugged, comforted, and guided every step of the way.  So wonderful to watch them connect and have fun together.