Helen and Bill

When I first opened up Heirloom Sessions last year, I got the sweetest note from a woman I met in a local mom's group.  She had since moved to Australia and was especially missing her parents and wanted to purchase a session for them.  With Heirloom Sessions, my clients are most often NOT my subjects.

Heirloom sessions are lifestyle sessions, but they most definitely can have direction. I want to take photos that are meaningful to the entire family. So, she and her siblings came up with a list of things that made them smile when they think about their parents.  I then drove up to the most beautiful part of Minnesota and met Helen and Bill.  They live on a lake in the most amazing home that they built with the help of their family.  They were so warm and kind!

I don't know how I get so lucky, but every one of my Heirloom Sessions has just been a dream.  I get to explore, ask questions, and learn about some of their joys and hardships. It was so fun to pull out the list and ask..... what the heck is a hooey, hooey stick?  I found out.  And it made me smile, too.

Maybe it's time we all made a list about what's important to us.  What if we wrote down all of the silly, sweet, hard, wonderful and simple details that make us think of our parents or grandparents?  I'd love to see and capture your list! <3  Thank you Helen and Bill for letting me into your home. Your faith and love is wonderfully inspiring.