The B Family

 The day of our session was the first time that I met this family, but we've been in contact off and on for over a year. I'm sure that's why I felt like we were old friends the minute I walked in the door. I love that.
We all face challenges in our life.  If you haven't, you will.  This young family has faced more than most.  That's not what they want to focus on, though, and it's not the focus of this family story.  This family story, like every other, is merely a documentation of a few moments of their life.  In my short time there, I could clearly see how hard they work to make the most of those moments.  It is apparent in all that they do to better themselves and the life of their child. 
Their family story is about choosing the light over the dark.
Their family story is about choosing hope instead of drowning in the what if's.  
They make it look simple, and I know it is far from simple;  
amazing and wonderful things never are.