This is Bobbie. 
She is 99 years young.
I had to fight back the tears when I walked into her home because I immediately missed both of my grandmas.
I had to fight back the tears because I was instantly overwhelmed with the joy of the holiday season.  
Bobbie is the boss of Christmas.  
The BOSS.  
If you question me on this, I will fight you.  
Her granddaughter told me she loved Christmas and having the session take place around the holidays would be nice because she really enjoys decorating her home.
Oh my word, I had no idea.  
Every inch of her house was covered in vintage Christmas decorations.  She is starting to need a little more help from her family to get them up because they don't want her climbing on a ladder.  She told me she still does the first step sometimes, though, and laughed.
I couldn't stop smiling.
I'm still smiling about Bobbie. 
I'm smiling about her wonderful spirit and sense of humor. I'm smiling about the stories she shared. I'm smiling about when she told me she might get a little braggy when talking about her family.  I'm smiling thinking about the amazing pictures she showed me.  I'm smiling that she used to be a welder. I'm smiling that she got her first tattoo with one of her granddaughters just a couple of weeks ago. I'm smiling about her old barn cat that she loves dearly. I'm smiling at how loved she is.
And I'm determined to crash her 100th birthday this summer.