Wendy and Claire

I haven't done much blogging this past year, but I thought I would today because it's such a nice way to share the lovely families I get to work with. I am not a writer, but you don't always need to be a writer to tell a story. We all tell our stories in different ways. The beauty of a photograph is the power they hold for the person they are meant for.  A simple picture, a detail, a moment, it brings everything right back, doesn't it?  Your parents, your childhood home, the beloved heirlooms, the corner of the house where the dog loves to sleep, the tools on the garage wall, the art on the fridge. . .  It's a simple snapshot of life that you can pass down to your children, your grandchildren and beyond.    

So, this is a little snapshot of Wendy and Claire who I absolutely adored. Adored, as in, I may start showing up at family functions, adored. ;)
It's not the whole story, of course.  Just a few little moments on a beautiful winter morning at their home and small farm in Wisconsin. I'm so honored that I was asked to capture just a little bit of it.