I left this session with a smile on my face thinking, "I want to be Helen when I grow up!"  Helen is 92  years young.  We had some difficulty in scheduling this shoot, because....oh my gosh, she is SO. BUSY.  Between her volunteering, meeting with friends for activities, working with her personal trainer at the YMCA and getting her hair done... it was very obvious this woman had a far more active social life than I do.   She lives on her own, but has a revolving door of friends and family in her space because "everyone is welcome."   That welcoming feeling was one of the things that her granddaughter said made her Grandma so special.  She said you don't have to call first, you just stop by.  And once you've been to Helen's house, you definitely know why people want to come back.  Thank you for opening up your beautiful home and for sharing a slice of your life with me.  I can't begin to tell you what an honor is was to have met you.  
Helen, you are magical.

And one of her great-granddaughters got home from PreK just in time to make it to the session with her mom and get in on a few pics, too.  
Oh, my heart.  


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